Year-By-Year Results

Year Record Accomplishments Head Coach Notes
2015   State Qualifier Joel Sage   
 (33-20) Region Champions  8 game win streak 
  (MS) Champions  
2014  (34-23)  Region Champions Joel Sage   
2013 (33-28)  State Qualifier Joel Sage 6 game win streak 
2012 (39-23) Sportsmanship Award Joel Sage  6 game win streak
(GC) Maple Grove Pool Champs
2011 (26-26) State Qualifier Joel Sage  
2010 (18-35) State Qualifier Josh Merrigan  
2009 (33-26) State Qualifier Josh Merrigan  
2008 (33-21) State Qualifier Josh Merrigan  
2007 (46-21) Class ‘A’ State Champions Josh Merrigan  
2-2 at (CPR)
(MSSO) Champs
2006  (34-26) Sportsmanship Award Josh Merrigan  
2005   Sportsmanship Award Kevin Knetsch  
2004 (39-20) State Qualifier Kevin Knetsch  
2003 (49-19) Class ‘A’ State Champions Kevin Knetsch  
2002   Sportsmanship Award Kevin Knetsch  
2001     Dick Ronken  
2000   State Qualifier Dick Ronken  
1999    (UMC) Runner-Up Jared Fredenburg  
1998   State Qualifier Jared Fredenburg  
1997      Jared Fredenburg  
1996     Jared Fredenburg  
1995      Jared Fredenburg  
1994   State Qualifier  Jared Fredenburg  
Region Champions
1993   State Qualifier  Jared Fredenburg  1st Season

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