2015 Lewis & Clark Tournament

The 14th Annual Lewis & Clark Wooden Bat Classic

May 29, 30, & 31 2015 Riverside Stadium

Yankton SD

Prentiss Park


Memorial Park Crofton NE.
Yankton SD.-Host Vermillion-Host Crofton NE-Host
Blair, NE Norfolk, NE TBA
S. Sioux City, NE S. Falls East, SD Creighton, NE
Sioux Falls West, SD Omaha Central, NE S. Falls Post 307
Mitchell, SD Brandon Valley, SD Harrisburg, SD
Bracket could change w New team
Friday Friday Friday
10:30am S. Falls West vs. Yankton 10:30am S. Falls East vs. Vermillion 10:30am Harrisburg vs. Crofton
12:45pm S. Falls West vs. S. Sioux City 12:45pm Norfolk vs. S. Falls East 12:45pm Harrisburg vs. Post 307
3pm S. Sioux City vs. Mitchell 3pm Brandon Valley vs. Norfolk 3pm Post 307 vs. Creighton
5:15pm Mitchell vs. Blair 5:15pm Omaha Central vs. Brandon Valley 5:15pm Creighton vs. TBA
7:30pm Blair vs. Yankton 7:30pm Omaha Central vs. Vermillion 7:30pm TBA vs. Vermillion
Saturday Saturday Saturday
9:30am S. Sioux City vs. Yankton 9:30am Norfolk vs. Vermillion 9:30am Creighton vs. Crofton
11:45pm S. Sioux City vs. Blair 11:45pm Norfolk vs. Omaha Central 11:45pm Creighton vs. Harrisburg
2pm Blair vs. S. Falls West 2pm Omaha Central vs. Sioux Falls East 2pm Harrisburg vs. TBA
4:45pm S. Falls West vs. Mitchell 4:45pm Brandon Valley vs. S. Falls East 4:45pm TBA vs. Post 307
6:30pm Mitchell vs. Yankton 6:30pm Brandon Valley vs. Vermillion 6:30pm Post 307 vs. Vermillion
Sunday-Championship Day-Yankton, SD
11am Yankton Champ vs. Wildcard
1:15pmVermillion Champ vs. Crofton Champ
3:30pm Championship
* In event that the Wildcard comes from the Yankton Bracket the Crofton Champ and the Wildcard will change places for games on championship day with the Yankton Champ being the first game of the day

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